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I am a full-time single mom, part-time wellness coach, blogger and a vegan. I created this blog to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet so we could all have healthier, happier lives. I believe that eating all natural whole foods will result in great health, long life, inner peace and overall wellbeing. Also, adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle gives a sense of contribution that will benefit many generations to come. Here you'll learn how to easily prepare delicious and nutritious plant-based food and make eco-friendly lifestyle decisions everyday. I am looking forward to help enrich lives and demonstrate how everyone can implement small changes to make choices that benefit not only ourselves but also everyone sharing this planet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Going vegan cold turkey is not an easy task, changing from being an omnivore to herbivore is a challenge. A lot of aspiring vegans are hit with the fact that the road to veganism is riddled with physical, social and economic challenges, especially to those who don't have the access to vegan specialty products not to mention they can also cost 2-3 times more than their counterparts.

It takes a lot of motivation, research and money to go vegan.
There are not many options for vegan food in the Philippines, especially when you live in the province like me. The leading supermarket chains here in our area doesn't carry vegan specialty products, options for making my own vegan foods are also limited as they don't carry ingredients needed to make vegan food. 

When I tell friends and family that I am planning to go vegan, they just laugh at me even when I say I'm not joking! one person said what is this role I'm portraying now? what? when did I become an actress?

Never the less, I am doing my best to start. Yesterday I started my composting bin so that I will have a starter when we finally move to the house we're currently building. I am planning to make this new home be as sustainable as possible. I've gone to all the leading supermarkets and ordered things like washing soda, borax, even soapnuts! haha! 

It is going to be a challenge to pioneer veganism in this area. I can do this one step at a time!

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