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I am a full-time single mom, part-time wellness coach, blogger and a vegan. I created this blog to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet so we could all have healthier, happier lives. I believe that eating all natural whole foods will result in great health, long life, inner peace and overall wellbeing. Also, adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle gives a sense of contribution that will benefit many generations to come. Here you'll learn how to easily prepare delicious and nutritious plant-based food and make eco-friendly lifestyle decisions everyday. I am looking forward to help enrich lives and demonstrate how everyone can implement small changes to make choices that benefit not only ourselves but also everyone sharing this planet.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


For those of you who are wondering if I ever finished my juice feast, yes it's a feast of all kinds of juices you can think of !! =) Yes it was a success, and boy I felt so good after and I wasn't even excited to start eating normally again! I ate just half an apple on my first day and my jaw was really tired from chewing haha! I lost 22 lbs, after that but gained back a few now, I wasn't really aiming for skinny so that's okay. I felt really clean after that and I am really happy to have a regular potty schedule now since I really can't do number 2 in  other place except mine, I know I'm weird =P...
I didn't step it up to 60 days since I recently started working full-time again, the reason why this post is soooo late, well anyways I have recently realized that I am eating less cooked foods now than I did before the "feast", maybe because I am surrounded by fruits and veggies at my store, where I work at the public market and also because it is really convenient to just bite into an apple or peel a banana, plus there's no plates to wash afterwards. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 19

Being on juice all this time and still going to the loo is such a mystery to me, I mean where the heck are these coming from??? 10 days to go! and I might just take it up to 60 days? who knows? but that will be up to my schedule, if I am to travel next month I will not be doing 60, and will just stop at 30 days since I cannot possibly bring my blender and nut bag always with me =(...
sure wish I had an omega juicer to make juicing easier =) squeezing juice in a nut bag every hour is a big mess and time consuming, I am not conserving water doing this fast but I promise to make up for it after, Sorry Mother Earth!

All I want for Christmas is YOU!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 14

Been having so much energy, my skin is glowing! I've done everything I didn't usually do like cleaning the whole house (I usually leave that to the maid) ,washing clothes (also done by the maid) to visiting friends and taking care of some business that was left unattended for a while.

I started walking 5 kilometers a day now, to get to the market and shop for food everyday. I put a purpose to my walk, to get veggies and fruits for me to juice. I have also added coconut water to my juices instead water. Water is good but coconut water is better! Let me share some of my juice recipes that I make using my blender and my nut cloth.

1. cucumber, coconut water, lettuce, apple, broccoli, tomato in any particular amount depending on your taste.
2. cucumber, bell pepper, apple, carrot, coconut water, celery. or
3. cucumber, celery, bok choy, apple, carrot.

These are a few of what I drink everyday mixing and matching whatever is available, sometimes adding pomelo, dalandan, kalamansi or melon. I usually make the same juice all day and drink that until I run out of some ingredients when I miscalculate during shopping. But the simplest juice that I made so far is using apples and carrots, still YUM!! been drinking more and more juice now making this fast a bit more expensive than I started but it's fine thinking of all the benefits I get from all the nutrients in just one glass.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 9

Yes it's day 9!! and I am so happy I got through the toughest part of my fast. I admit that the hardest part is the start of the fast, I was constantly hungry and craving things that I knew wasn't allowed in my fast, I locked myself in my room, stopped watching T.V. or reading magazines. I walked when I was hungry but then walking by street foods along the way made me hungrier I stopped that too, found out recently that I can run at a nearby cemetery so I do that. Living with family who constantly bug me about my choices is a big problem too, tempting me with food.

My basic juice has cucumber, apple, celery and carrots, I just add from there depending on the availability of fruits and veggies, mixing and matching depending on taste, I love spinach in my juice too and lately I notice that I am using more greens than fruits, seems like it's growing on me, I used to put 2 apples in my juice and now I just use 1 small apple in all my juices, maybe in time I can juice totally all greens huh? 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 3

My before picture 
Just finished 3 days of juice fast, the preparations I did made it easy for me, I have head aches from drinking juice maybe part of the detoxification process. I drink 8-10 ounces of juice per hour, and water or coconut water in between. I stay in my room all day and if I need to go out to work I just keep to myself. I'm feeling irritated and confused good thing we own the business so I don't do so much work just checking if things are correctly done. I have to go out and take a walk when they start cooking since I can smell it even in my room. To make shopping easier for me I just use on juice recipe a day, example of what I put in my juice pechay, ginger, apple, celery and cucumber, I buy 15 of each and double for the apples for extra sweetness and juice. And lucky for me we live far away from neighbors so I can shout all I want when I feel like punching somebody LOL!! haha! I will post my picture every 10 days for comparison and to document my experience, Good Luck to me guys =)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

My 30-day Juice Cleanse

I have decided to start my juice fast tomorrow, September 7'2012. Here's what I did in preparation for this fast or we might as well call it a juice feast as I am going to be feasting on glorious sunshiny juice all day for 30 days or more if I decide to continue on to 60 days. What inspired me to do this juice fast is watching "Fat, Sick and nearly Dead" although I am healthy and a Vegan, I have had moments when I have had non-vegan foods and vegan gourmet foods. I started with adding more fresh produce into my diet and lessening the amount of cooked or processed foods.
I have totally turned my back to tofu and soy milk *sniff* although we had a lot of great times together, I am sorry to say that I don't miss you as much as I thought I would =P...

Next thing I did is I replaced my breakfast with juice, since I have never been a breakfast person this comes as a refreshing change, I used to just eat oatmeal with fruits in the morning but I felt heavy afterwards and I tend to not exercise every time I do. I do better with just a smoothie or juice in the morning. I usually wake up at 6 am and eat my breakfast by 9am.

On my 2nd week of preparation, I ate just one meal a day for lunch, a juice in the morning and a smoothie in the evenings, plus I drank more water. This was about the time I fully experienced the detox side effects, headaches, irritability and I also suffered from flu during this week after being out all night (work). But I promised myself I am doing this for my family and my health.
So tomorrow I start!!! wish me Luck and lots of discipline and self-control. I know I can do this! and I will!! I will be updating you everyday of my cleanse, if you want you can join me =)