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Thursday, November 29, 2012


For those of you who are wondering if I ever finished my juice feast, yes it's a feast of all kinds of juices you can think of !! =) Yes it was a success, and boy I felt so good after and I wasn't even excited to start eating normally again! I ate just half an apple on my first day and my jaw was really tired from chewing haha! I lost 22 lbs, after that but gained back a few now, I wasn't really aiming for skinny so that's okay. I felt really clean after that and I am really happy to have a regular potty schedule now since I really can't do number 2 in  other place except mine, I know I'm weird =P...
I didn't step it up to 60 days since I recently started working full-time again, the reason why this post is soooo late, well anyways I have recently realized that I am eating less cooked foods now than I did before the "feast", maybe because I am surrounded by fruits and veggies at my store, where I work at the public market and also because it is really convenient to just bite into an apple or peel a banana, plus there's no plates to wash afterwards. 

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