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Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 14

Been having so much energy, my skin is glowing! I've done everything I didn't usually do like cleaning the whole house (I usually leave that to the maid) ,washing clothes (also done by the maid) to visiting friends and taking care of some business that was left unattended for a while.

I started walking 5 kilometers a day now, to get to the market and shop for food everyday. I put a purpose to my walk, to get veggies and fruits for me to juice. I have also added coconut water to my juices instead water. Water is good but coconut water is better! Let me share some of my juice recipes that I make using my blender and my nut cloth.

1. cucumber, coconut water, lettuce, apple, broccoli, tomato in any particular amount depending on your taste.
2. cucumber, bell pepper, apple, carrot, coconut water, celery. or
3. cucumber, celery, bok choy, apple, carrot.

These are a few of what I drink everyday mixing and matching whatever is available, sometimes adding pomelo, dalandan, kalamansi or melon. I usually make the same juice all day and drink that until I run out of some ingredients when I miscalculate during shopping. But the simplest juice that I made so far is using apples and carrots, still YUM!! been drinking more and more juice now making this fast a bit more expensive than I started but it's fine thinking of all the benefits I get from all the nutrients in just one glass.

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