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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 9

Yes it's day 9!! and I am so happy I got through the toughest part of my fast. I admit that the hardest part is the start of the fast, I was constantly hungry and craving things that I knew wasn't allowed in my fast, I locked myself in my room, stopped watching T.V. or reading magazines. I walked when I was hungry but then walking by street foods along the way made me hungrier I stopped that too, found out recently that I can run at a nearby cemetery so I do that. Living with family who constantly bug me about my choices is a big problem too, tempting me with food.

My basic juice has cucumber, apple, celery and carrots, I just add from there depending on the availability of fruits and veggies, mixing and matching depending on taste, I love spinach in my juice too and lately I notice that I am using more greens than fruits, seems like it's growing on me, I used to put 2 apples in my juice and now I just use 1 small apple in all my juices, maybe in time I can juice totally all greens huh? 

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