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I am a full-time single mom, part-time wellness coach, blogger and a vegan. I created this blog to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet so we could all have healthier, happier lives. I believe that eating all natural whole foods will result in great health, long life, inner peace and overall wellbeing. Also, adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle gives a sense of contribution that will benefit many generations to come. Here you'll learn how to easily prepare delicious and nutritious plant-based food and make eco-friendly lifestyle decisions everyday. I am looking forward to help enrich lives and demonstrate how everyone can implement small changes to make choices that benefit not only ourselves but also everyone sharing this planet.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 3

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Just finished 3 days of juice fast, the preparations I did made it easy for me, I have head aches from drinking juice maybe part of the detoxification process. I drink 8-10 ounces of juice per hour, and water or coconut water in between. I stay in my room all day and if I need to go out to work I just keep to myself. I'm feeling irritated and confused good thing we own the business so I don't do so much work just checking if things are correctly done. I have to go out and take a walk when they start cooking since I can smell it even in my room. To make shopping easier for me I just use on juice recipe a day, example of what I put in my juice pechay, ginger, apple, celery and cucumber, I buy 15 of each and double for the apples for extra sweetness and juice. And lucky for me we live far away from neighbors so I can shout all I want when I feel like punching somebody LOL!! haha! I will post my picture every 10 days for comparison and to document my experience, Good Luck to me guys =)

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