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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So here it goes, I'm really planning my garden now. really pushing sustainable living as a household. Gardening is a relaxing and very rewarding hobby, the delicious and nutritious food you will serve your family is reward enough not to mention the savings. makes my mouth water just thinking of all the yummy bounty my garden will produce!

some tips I have found practical and useful is plant only what you eat and what you need, and plant veggies that accompany each other in a dish. Makes common sense right? why plant lettuce when you can plant a whole salad garden? planting lettuce then going to the market to buy other ingredients sounds stupid to me, right? 

so here are the crops that I'm planning to plant:

for green salad:
lettuce (lollo rossa)
lettuce (black simpson)
lettuce (iceberg)
lettuce (romaine)
lettuce (corelle)

for veggie salad:
bell peppers
cherry tomato red
cherry tomato golden
mushroom (still looking for supplier)

for chinese greens (stir fry):
chinese bak choy
chinese watercress (upland kangkong)
asparagus (this will take a long time but it will be worth the wait)
chinese chives
spring onions

for filipino dishes:
tomato (apollo)

and for herbs:
garlic chives
lemon grass 

some specialty seeds (waiting for confirmation):
broccoli sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
radish sprouts

and of course my favorite!
chilies!! labuyo and jalapeno, if I can get habanero I'll plant that too =)

already have calamansi (local lime specie)
seems ambitious?
nope, I don't think so, I will be having 250 sqm. of land free for me to use. plenty of space but I will only be planting small quantities enough to feed me and some of my family, they are not into the healthy lifestyle yet but I'm hoping if they see my perseverance they too will realize the best kind of life for us.

will keep you all posted for updates, for now I am stocking up on seeds, potting soil, pots and containers and not to mention knowledge don't want to go blind folded in this I want this to be a success! my compost bin is doing well, wish me luck! will post pictures once I get my things completed =)

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