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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I had a lot of chores done today, but I still had time to make my weekly soy milk. This time I made it richer and creamier than last week. I'm planning to use some of it as my coffee creamer and make veganaise tomorrow. I'm going to make a "tuna" salad sandwich for my friend and her daughter. I ended up with 2 liters of soy milk with just 250g of soy beans. Not bad at all, it seems like the more I make it the easier it gets and the less okara I have left after. I put it in my non-vegan family's meatballs (that's a secret between you and me) they never notice, one thing they do notice is that the meatballs are more tender than it used to be, but I just tell them it took longer simmering time *wink*.

My little farm was doing well, but when the rains started some of my lettuce and mustard wilted. I thinned them out and removed the wilted ones. My chillies and tomatoes are thriving all of them sprouted and are now ready for transplanting, I just have to find time to buy pots and soil. I'll be giving away some of them when they are ready to bloom. 

I went to Manila last Thursday to source out some suppliers (gluten flour, soybeans etc) and I failed terribly. I'm not so sure about buying ready made mock meat from Taiwan so I didn't buy any, I prefer to make my own (ever paranoid me) But if they are okay with you, they can be purchased at a Chinese specialty store at C.M. Recto Avenue, along Alonzo St.

No worries I will try again next time =)

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  1. Hi,where do you buy organic soy beans? Thanks