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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Vita milk from Thailand is not vegan at all =(
So, after a few weeks of fruitless search for vegan specialty foods, I, at last found a way to make some of them! if I can't buy pre-made I will make them myself =)

I have found that I can get some of what I need at a local supermarket but I learned to be careful in buying them right away, as I have
experienced in buying soy milk today, kinda feeling lazy to make my own because I needed just a cup for my vegan mayo, I went out and bought the necessary ingredients and was excited that I found them all in one place, lo and behold when I got home the sole variety of soy milk is NOT vegan! I was about to make my veganaise good thing I decided to start with the soy milk I read the ingredients (I didn't read it at the supermarket because I was really in a hurry, really hard to commute when it's raining) It has whole milk powder in it! que horror! so I gave it to son to drink (as of the time being I am the only flirting vegan in this family of 10) I tasted it also to see the difference and you can tell it has milk also loads of sugar! it was sweet! no wonder my son drank it in one sitting.
don't fret, I bought half a kilo of soybeans and they are soaking happily in the kitchen. tomorrow I will have my veganaise and tofu on the side =) yum yum yum!
one step at a time!! I am doing it!

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