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Friday, June 01, 2012


Here's what I do to keep my skin fresh and clear. Friends and family often ask what I products I use on my face, the skeptical looks they have when I say nothing is priceless. Okay here's the secret:

Yes, it's radish. I found out about this from my maternal grandma, she taught me this during my adolescent years when I was developing acne on my forehead and it worked!

So, here's what I do every time my dad comes home from the market and brings home some of this.
I get the smallest piece and keep it for my self and slice a piece every night and after I wash my face I rub it on specially on the places where I am prone to blackheads. Don't rub too hard because this is hot!, don't wash it off, but if you feel the heat is too much rinse it immediately. It acts like an exfoliant, you will have to avoid the sun or if you can't just use sunblock. You will notice a bit of peeling in a few days but it will subside as your skin get's used to being gently exfoliated. Do this every night for two weeks and every other day on the weeks after that and as your skin begins to become better you can do this once a week.

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