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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vegan Mayo

Since vegan food are a rarity in my area, I decided to make my own food, after researching the most applicable recipe, I either have to make these with ingredients I already have or can be easily found.

This recipe from About.com has ingredients that are easy to find. I changed it a bit to my liking by adding chili flakes and lessening the apple cider vinegar since my son isn't used to the smell. I added more mustard just because I love it =) 

You don't have to stress yourself if you can't get everything vegan, you can learn to make them and even if you may end up spending more, just keep in mind that this is way better than buying cheap non-vegan food that only make you sick.

Making your own food not only ensures you what you put in your body, it also helps the environment reducing packaging waste and most specially cruelty free!

Also eating more fruits, grains, nuts and veggies is the best way to ensure you get all your nutrients and these do it yourself recipes can be just treats, you don't really need them if you have access to fresh organic foods. 
This is the amount of fruits I finish in 3 days on a 50% raw vegan diet. Take advantage of fresh produce that are in season and make them a staple in your diet. Not only are they a lot cheaper than buying out of season fruits, also they taste much better! 

Also I have recently learned how to make vegan tortillas which I use as wrap or as plain bread. I make them every week and just freeze some to store.

Don't they look yummy? Freshly made tortilla is way better than frozen you buy at the supermarkets. 

Going vegan helps a lot, you help yourself, you help the environment and also you help animals too =) isn't that fulfilling?

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