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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Having one enormous glass of smoothie while blogging =)

I love that I'm not allergic to soy, because I love my soy milk. There are a lot of talks that say soy is not good for you so I just use it now in moderation, just to be on the safe side, I've reduced my consumption to 1 liter a week from 2.5 liters. I'm exploring other milk options, almonds will be out of the question since it's so hard to find here and so expensive!

There are a lot of vegan blogs and videos that say going vegan is inexpensive, Yeah! in your country!
In a country where the take home pay of one regular employee is 350Php which converts to 7-8 dollars only for a days work, not to mention the fare you will still subtract from that. So here's what I have to say to all of my fellow countrymen who are aspiring to become healthier and kinder to the environment, DO NOT GET CARRIED AWAY BY THE VEGAN VIDEOS YOU WATCH ON YOUTUBE! 

Start with what we have here, what are we used to eating? veganize that, it's easy to go vegan when you are Filipino, because meat is not the main component of the Filipino diet, If you love adobo, substitute the meat with tofu, You must listen to the things vegan videos say, EAT IN SEASON whats in season in our country is what's best for us, do not imitate what they eat, it's what's in season in their country not ours, if you are really craving out of season fruits and vegetables it's best that you buy from locally grown produce like Dizon's Farms. You don't have to buy organic if it's out of your budget, just take better care in washing your fruits and veggies to make sure that all pesticide residue are removed.

There are a lot of Filipino desserts that are already vegan, like the suman, kalamay, banana-que and of course fresh fruits!

Going vegan is a way to help the environment and help save the animals from abuse. Let's not be self-righteous here. Being 100% vegan is impossible. Why? as critics say: "how can you be vegan if you have a car, use a cellphone and a laptop?" BUT as we lessen the impact we have on the environment by becoming vegan is better than not helping at all.

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