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Friday, July 06, 2012

FAQ: As A Vegan Is It OK To Eat Products That Contain Traces of Milk?


So this answers some questions regarding food products that may contain traces of milk or dairy in it. In a world dominated by non-vegan companies and people, we can't help it if ready made food are not 100% vegan. Unless you grow and make it yourself, you can never know what's inside the food we eat. Don't worry too much about it, unless you are O.C. and you can't help yourself, as long as you do your best not to support  the animal product industry then you are helping a lot. Little things can make a whole. So don't fret, be calm and keep on doing what you are doing, the best you can do is avoid all processed foods, and try to buy organic or better yet, grow you own food and eat them raw as much as possible it is the best and surest way to get 100% vegan food.

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