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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My thoughts on going Vegan

I must say that I went vegan for health reasons, I just got fed up in taking medicine that only offered short-term relief but did not cure me. Time and time again I kept coming back to the doctors who can only prescribe me stronger antibiotics and pain relievers that doesn't do me any good. I have been battling with my weight most of my adult life, hormonal imbalance, acid reflux, kidney stones, constipation, migraine, acne you name it, I had it. I decided to change my lifestyle and diet to see if it had anything to do with my ailments, and I was surprised with the results not only did I had more energy and stopped taking all my medicine, I also looked better and lost the last 10 pounds that I can't seem to lose all those years!

People started to ask me about my secret, and I was just happy to share it to them. and I was helping them and it felt great! especially when they come back to thank me! So I decided to make this blog to reach out to more people.

The biggest influence in my life is Alicia Silverstone, all the things she says just makes sense to me, it's like I have been sleeping this whole time! but when I stopped eating red meat and pork I just felt better! not only did I do my body good but I also helped the environment by not patronizing products that added pollution to our planet. Then my grandma gave me a dog, which I raised since he was a pup and I just fell in love with him, the love he so freely gives is just pure happiness for me.

All these news about the destruction of the environment just make me cringe with the knowledge that we all had a hand on it. I have had these thoughts and feeling from the time I was young but like Alicia, I just didn't know how to act on it.

With a lot of research and a whole lot of self control, I went in head first and now I mark my 2nd month of being vegan and I'm loving it!

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